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Related article: Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 15:01:30 +0000
From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay #4 incest Jay was never so happy in his entire,young life,he loved the attention
he was getting and,yes,he loved the sex also,his tight ass was getting used
to the dicks that envaded it,of course the money helped a lot also.He whisitled all the way home that afternoon,Ned had walked past him,winked
and tussled his hair as he passed,entering the tap.
He bounced up the steps to there apartment,he had a new magazine under his
shirt,all kinds of sex between men with stories encluded,he could hardly
wait to read them.When he prelolitas 12 yo nude entered the kitchen door,his dad and Wayne,his god father,were
setting at the table,drinking.
"Hey,theres my hansome boy,come here and give your ole dad a kiss."He
said,holding out his arms.Jay stepped into his arms,allowing his dad to kiss him on the mouth and hug
"How about ole Wayne,he get a kiss to?"Wayne said,smiling.
Jay kissed and hugged him also,and as they kissed,Wayne whispered in his
ear,"Your dad knows",then he let him go."Set with ls magazine pearl lolita
us boy,"His dad said.patting the chair.
"Let me wash my hands first,ok?"He said,skipping off to the bathroom.
I wonder how much dad knows,he thought,oh well,it must be ok,he doesn't
seem mad.When he came back in,his eyes popped open wide,his dad and Wayne were both
setting there naked,drinking there beer.
"Come on in boy,but get those cloths off first,hurry now."His dad said.
Joy was more than a little confused as he undressed,exposing his young body
and cute little ass."Look at him Wayne,don't he just make your cock want to explode."
"Land sakes yes,not many girls have an ass like Jays."Wayne said,smiling as
he took a swig of beer.
"How you like to take us both on boy?'His dad said."Where mom?"Was all Jay could think of to say.
"Moms over Jodys,watching the twins,don't worry about mom,she won't be home
before tweleve at the earliest."
"Come here boy."And his dad pulled him up on his lap.Jay could feel his hard cock against the cheeks of his butt,he liked that
feeling,he didn't really know why,he just did.
His dad arranged his cock so it was laying long ways between Jay's
buttocks.Wayne stood up and cleared the table before laying down the leafs on both
His dad picked him up lolita torture bondage free
and held him while Wayne lubbed his ass with crisco
like he had before.It dawned on Jay what they were going to do,they were going to put both
those cocks up his ass.It scared the shit out of him,but made a pleasent
feelin in his groin at the same time.Wayne lubbed both there cocks after
greasing Jays ass."Wrap those pretty legs around my waist Jay and you arms around my
neck,"His dad said.
Jay done as his dad said,then felt the knob of his cock touch his
anus,stretching him open,as it slid up his ass.Like before,it hurt some,but
not for long.Wayne stood in front of his dad,wrapping his big,muscled arms around the
two of them,his cock working in on top of his dads.
His dad had Jays mouth covered with his,his tongue licking the inside of
his mouth.Jay was glad he was,so he could not sry out as Waynes cock
stretched him like he had never been nonnude lolita tease videos stretched before.It was as though they were trying to split him open,but luckily,the
slippery,plump heads of there cocks rubbing against one another in his
tight hole nade the crisco and precum into a river of hot sperm that rushed
into his innards,long before there cocks were fully in.
He had to admit though that being sandwiched in between these two husky men
made him cum long before they did,and he managed several orgasms while they
were having there first.After cumming,they removed there cocks,then Jay saw something he had never
even tought of,his dad went down on Wayne,sucking his cum covered cock
clean,then let Wayne do the honors for him.
They had lain Jay over the table on his belly,then after they had finished
one another,his dad parted Jays cheeks,placing his mouth over his gaping
ass hole,licking and sucking up the mess they had made.Wayne was in front of him now,pressing his dick to Jays mouth,demanding
Jay opened up and let him in,sucking like a little pro by now.
His dad had reach over his back,hugging Wayne to him as they kissed
profoundly.Then his dad had an idea,"Think Jay can take this beer bottle Wayne?"He
said,staggering a little.
"Sure as I'm standing here,he took my cock didn't he."
Jay felt the bottom of the bottle being forced up his ass,Wayne was
right,that was no big deal,but he made little sounds as though it were,just
to get his dad ls magazine pearl lolita
off.Whe they finally let him up,his dad told him to go wash.
"Come on Jay,let me give you a hand boy,"Wayne said,leading him to the
"Listen boy,I want you to do something for me,and don't you ever tell a
living soul,you hear?"He said."OK,I won't say a word if thats waht you want,I promise."Jay said,wondering
what he was up to now.
"Ok lad",he said,as he sat down on the stool.
"What I want you to do is,take your dick and hold it in my mouth and
piss,can you do that?"He said."Gee Wayne,I don't know,I've never tried before."Jay said.
"You can do it boy,but hurry,your dad will be checking on us before long."
Jay placed the head of his cock in Waynes mouth,but it took awhile to get
his stream started.
When it did gush out,he filled it up quick before Wayne began swallowing
fast to keep from choking.but he gulped it down,right down to the last
drop.Wayne wiped his mouth afterwards,then smiled at Jay saying,"Want to try
Jay wanted to,but was afraid he might throw up,but Wayne assured him if he
wanted to stop he could.
Jay sat down as Wayne placed his cock just over his mouth telling him to
open up.A gush of piss filled his mouth,then Wayne stopped,giving him time to
At the first taste,Jay knew he wanted it all,Wayne had drank so much beer
and pissed so much,it was like drinking warm water.Wayne was full,Jay must have drank a quart before the last drops spurted
"You like that boy?"Wayne said,smiling.
"Yeah,it was good,just like you said."Jay said,smiling back,as he wiped his
m,out."Hey,what you two doing in there?"His dad yelled,so tthey quickly went back
to the kitchen.
Jay saw his dad leaning back in the chair,all most out on his ass,his limp
cock hanging down between his legs,even limp it was longer than most men.Wayne put his dad to bed,then returned.
"Remember boy,not a word,our little secret,ok?"Jay nodded ok.
"Good boy,get up here and let me suck that cock,you've earned it."
He sucked Jay to a great orgasm,then drssed and kissed him good night.Jay took a hot tub bath,letting his ass soak,it really felt good,then
cleaned up the kitchen for his mom.
He had just crawled under the sheet,naked,whne he heard his mom unlock the
front door.He quickly turned his light out before she got in.
It had been a long evening,but he had loved every minute of it.........More to cum.....
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